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Inka Trail, Peru

On one hand it’s a walk I’ll never forget. On the other I don’t remember some parts as I

got the altitude sickness. At first, I was fine but by the time we got to the highest point of the trek – 4200 meters above the sea level, the (in)famous Dead Woman’s Pass – I was feeling weaker and weaker. There were amazing ruins on the way but I couldn’t get my self to be excited about them. Not until I saw what I always wanted to see, the fabled Machu Picchu.

The trail was an amazing experience, although made easy by the porters, it was a tough trek for me. This post should be probably about the porters alone. They have carried the whole camping gear with them and the kitchen. We would have breakfast, lunch, dinner and an afternoon tea every day. There was so much food, including vegetarian options. They must be made of something different than us. There are not enough tips in the world to show the gratitude all trekkers have on that trail for them.

I’m glad I did the 4-day Inca trail. There is only one experience like that in a life time. At least for an average person like me.

More about my Inca trail adventure here.

You can have a look at the itinerary here.

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