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My name is Karolina and I have a passion for travel. I believe traveling and exploring the world from your own point of view allows to widen your horizons, meet new people and set yourself new challenges. Not to mention the new cultures you encounter and the history you discover. 

My Travel Philosophy

I personally believe that we are all citizens of the world and we should know it better. The world can teach you a lot not just about places and people but about yourself.

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Why travel? Why the website? Why write? Why take pictures? Why spend the money? Why bother?

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Podróże biznesowe

Poradnik dla ludzi, którzy podróżują służbowo i nie chcieliby się tym faktem za bardzo stresować.

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Travelling in Style 

There are as many different styles for travelling as there are people. Everybody likes to do it in a slightly different way. I tried few of them and here are the outcomes.

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Business Traveller

How to travel on business and not to get crazy about it? Well, there is some advice I can give you.

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Spotted by Locals

Experience cities like a local. City guides with insider tips by locals in 81 cities! Mine is of course Malmö.

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Special Thanks to people who have created this website, showed me how to work on it and delivered some interesting creative solutions: Rocio de Diego and Maciek Olszak.

People who contributed to this website by taking pictures, mainly of me, huge Thank you to them as well!:

1. Pascale de Lestapis

2. Maciek Olszak

3. Marta Najder

4. Sylvia and Iván

5. Dawn Clark

6. Angie Bandolini

7. Alex Censor

8. Fellow Imaginative Travellers and Intrepiders

9. Strangers met on the way

Thank you
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