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Volkshotel, Amsterdam, Holland

Over the years I have visited many hotels, hostels, B&Bs and resorts. I have raved about many things I found or didn't find when I needed them and I have also awed at design and efficiency. Some hotels are just funky, doesn't matter where they are it seems like you're sightseeing already. Some seem very cheap and you are amazed at the quality of service or how everything you need is where it is supposed to be.This is the first in a series. I will present you some of the most interesting hotels I have stayed at. Some are just plain quirky.

Fantastic idea and design. The building used to be an office for one of the biggest newspapers. Most rooms are just converted old offices. Mine was of one of the editors and he liked to draw on the walls. I spent almost an hour just admiring the graffitis he created. The room was also filled with some retro appliances, some even very retro. The room could sleep 4 people and you had to climb to the double bed: a comfy mattress placed on a massive sort of a shelf above the two twin beds.

Have a look at the website, each room is special. This hotel might not have a full on restaurant or 24h room service but get this: because it was my birthday I got a little champagne, confetti and a big bunch of Dutch sweets. Definitely a recommendation on my list.

For more info click here.

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