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Peronas, Vilnius, Lithuania

The bus that was taking me out of Vilnius was leaving late in the evening. The area of the main train and bus stations is not the most picturesque for a tourist (a woman travelling solo) to hang around after sunset. But I was tipped off about a bar near the station where hipsters and students frequent. Sounded like a perfect choice.

Someone had a brilliant idea to use an old building right next to the station, adjacent to platform 0 – not in use anymore. So you can sit on that platform, on an old train seat and enjoy some local brews. The view is unique, even perfect if you’re into trainspotting.

The path that leads there is not obvious, if I didn’t know about the place earlier, I wouldn’t have found it. So don’t get discouraged, just get on to the first platform and look right. In a short distance you should see a statue of a fat-ish guy in underwear and a bathrobe. That’s Tony Soprano and he is guarding Peronas.

Here is their website if you want to know more.

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