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Gasthof Hotel "Zur Post", Velburg, Germany

Unfortunately, I was there on business and for that purpose this hotel was rather useless. Practically no internet, hardly any reception on my cell etc. So, what was so special about it? Velburg is a very tiny town, very middle ages, amazingly picturesque. And the hotel itself is a gem of architecture including all the furniture inside. I felt like I was few centuries back in time and almost expected no electricity there. I wish I was there to do some bit of sightseeing, although I have no idea what is there to see around Velburg apart from the town itself. I imagine it would be a great place if you have a car to drive around, historical Regensburg is not far from there and few other small towns that might be worth visiting. If I ever come back in the area and I'll be there in a tourist capacity I would definitely stay in that hotel again.

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