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Hotel Zamek Królewski w Niepołomicach, A.D. 1348, Niepołomice, Poland

The only hotel in Poland in an actual royal castle. There are just over 20 rooms and each one is named after a Polish king. All furniture elements are exact replicas of the originals from the 17th century. You can easily give in to the charm and feel like a royal guest. According to a legend King Kazimierz took part of a chakra rock from Wawel and used it as a starting point to build the castle, so now it's a place of a special positive energy.

Initially it was a strategic point, it got rebuild few times and got its final shape in 1568. Forgotten for few centuries it has been renovated in the 90ties and has been serving as a hotel and a conference centre ever since. Nearby you will find a small village - skansen Podegrodzie with 3 wooden original houses from over 100 years ago. If that's not a perfect venue for a grill party in a traditional Polish style called "biesiada" then I don't know what is. Of course nearby you have Kraków with all of its treasures and Wieliczka Salt Mine - a Unesco Word Heritage Site.

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