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G! Boutique Hotel, Southsea, UK

I had no other reason to be in Southsea than business. From the outside it looks like nothing special, but inside... Every room is named and the names start with the letter G. I know, the associations in my head went just one way, but I think the owners were going slightly different direction. My room was called Glitter and wow, glittery it was. First of all there was a little cupcake waiting for me with a nice personal note and then of course the glamour in the room...

I must say if we are talking practicality or efficiency that is not the purpose of this hotel. However, if you gave me a 20-ties outfit I would feel right at home. There are also Glamorous, Grandiose, Gorgeous, Gleeful rooms and many more. Just for the sake of the room experience it's worth staying there.

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