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Refugio Amazonas, Puerto Maldonado, Peru

It's been years since I've been there. We stayed at this place as part of an Imaginative Traveller Tour. The experience was definitely unforgettable. First it took us few hours to get to the place, on a small boat, eating lunch out of banana leafs. And then we felt like we have entered paradise. The "hotel" is in the middle of a jungle. There is an open communal area and wooden walkways take you to the sleeping area. Now, at first I felt bit weird.

Accommodation is in big long houses raised on wooden beams. They only have 3 walls, instead of a window there is an open space with a hammock hanging across. The beds obviously have mosquito nets. As all constructions are wooden and there is no real ceiling you can not only hear the jungle - which is great, but you can also hear your neighbours. Small warning: there is no hot water and the light is only on for few hours in the evening. You can get a jungle massage or even get a spiritual cleanse with a shaman - like I did. What an experience, I still smile at the memories from that place although we have been there only for few days.

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