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Monteverde Zip Line, Costa Rica

Also called Canopy Lines. I did not know the concept until I went to Costa Rica. They organize it in many places but the ultimate one, with the highest altitude above ground is definitely Monteverde. The whole idea is now well known, you just get in a harness and zip on the lines from one tree to another

One of the cables hangs 130m above the ground, so you can really observe the jungle from the tree tops. You don’t have to have any special skills, you just make sure you follow instructions and enjoy the ride. If you want to discover more you can also do the Sky Walk, you wander through the jungle on suspension bridges and just take in the wilderness.

One zip line, I think it was somewhere around La Fortuna town, actually allowed us to do one section up side down!! Unforgettable!!!

For more information on Monteverde click here.

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