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On Hotels and Environment

OK, most of my posts are positive, I want to share what I have seen and/or experienced. This one is about something that I cannot be quiet about.

I have stayed in a very nice hotel, resort actually, in the Caribbean. There were 3 of us in the room and about 16 towels - big ones. And yet every single day we got a knock on the door and a nice lady from Housekeeping offering us a fresh change of towels. I didn't grow up in a "green" world of recycling, instead I grew up in a socialist Poland. And I can not understand why a family of three would need more than 16 towels a day!! To me this is the biggest waste of resources I have ever seen!

There are 2 ways I could boycott it. One: hang "do not disturb" sign so that Housekeeping doesn't change my towels until they really need changing. Two: never stay in places like that. Now due to me travelling quite a bit and not always deciding where I will stay I cannot comply with point two. But I will always hang my "do not disturb" sign - I know it's a small gesture. If there is any way you support not wasting water, when people in other parts of the world are dying of thirst, then please do the same.

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