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Iceland: Blue Lagoon

I love Iceland, and it was love at first sight. And the first sight was the Blue Lagoon. It may sound like nothing special, just a spa with thermal pools. But it's so much more. Of course it depends when you go. For me it was December, early afternoon - already dark, about 5 degrees below zero and some snow lying around. I think it was a Thursday so the weekend crowd hasn't taken over the place yet. The building itself gave me a feeling of a cross between a spa and aesthetics clinic, very simple and discreet. You change into your swimming suit, take a shower and you're ready. Because it was dark and I didn't know the place I actually have gone outside and entered the pool from there, but you can go into the water inside the building and then go outside. And the water is wonderful. It is filled with minerals, some kind of silica that gives it a white taint. You can actually use the mud as a face mask. I would also recommend booking a water massage. Might be pricy but it is an interesting experience. There are few Lagoons around Iceland - I have visited the one nearest to Keflavik airport.

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