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Salar de Uyuni

The amazing salt flats near the town of Uyuni are amazing for few reasons. Of course their value in salt production is unquestionable but for travellers like me they are a great photo opportunity. Huge and open landscapes like these just beg to be photographed. The only downside might be the lens that you have on your camera. You get really decent pictures with 18mm but I wouldn't have minded having something slightly wider. I know the neverendingness of the landscape cause I was there. But I'm not 100% convinced people can see it on the images I took. I do recommend taking some pics from the top of one of the so called islands. If you have a guided tour, this is the usual spot for your lunch break.

Another thing are your funny pics. Here your best friend will be actually the camera on your phone or a basic "point and shoot". They are not very good at aperture and that will help you create crazy images with no regards for perspective: you crawling out of a beer bottle or fighting a T-Rex. Very important thing not to forget: a bag of props you can use. The limit is set by your imagination. I didn't have my phone on my that day so my fun pics aren't as great as yours could be. Have fun!!!!

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