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Jumping at the Table Mountain



Traveling with a friend

I have travelled with few different people over the years. All of those trips were great and special in their own merit. However one person has been my favourite traveller pal in the last decade. It can be so tricky to go on a trip with someone. Especially with someone you're good friends with. As it might turned out you want to kill them in a dark alley in a foreign town. 

With my favourite travel buddy we started going on trips bit by coincidence. A couple that we both knew wanted to go on a coach trip in Europe for Easter and we got tangled along. Since then we made our trips a bit of an annual tradition. And quite often it's been Easter. 

So why is someone a good travelling buddy. At first I couldn't pin point it. How is travelling with her different to travelling with just anybody? Oh, it's so different!!!!! 

First of all I think we have great respect for each other, and for each other's space. We used to share a flat together and probably that has allowed us to have a better understanding on how we tick. 

Then we plan together. We always pick a destination together, since we travelled Europe a bit it can get tricky, but with a bit of compromise on both sides we have always picked the perfect one. We also always consider what we want to do and see there specifically and we make sure we plan for both of our interests. In all fairness I think we are both quite flexible anyway and we do realise that we go to a destination to see and discover things and not to sit in a bar and drink - although we allocate time for that too. So in other words if you both want to go to Scotland, but you want to see the cities and nightlife and your friends wants to mountaineer - that ain't gonna work if you don't talk about it beforehand. 

I wish everyone could have at least one such travelling buddy. And I wish we keep travelling and discovering. 

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