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The Baltics


May 19, 2018

A beautiful gem of a city tucked away in one of the Baltic Republics - Latvia. Riga is definitely worth a longer visit, not just a short weekend. But that's all I had. 

Riga in Images

May 19, 2018

Photographs and memories from my very short trip to Latvia's capital city.

Vilnius - the Baltic hipster

May 21, 2018

Vilnius is a very undersold capital in Europe. No wonder it took me so many years to even think about visiting it. Albeit it was a short visit. Too short probably to appreciate the city in full, but long enough to get a taste for it. Hope I can inspire you to book a weekend break yourself. 

Vilnius in images

May 21, 2018

Although taken with my phone I hope those pictures can encourage you to explore the city for yourself. 

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