First time in Africa

I have a rather awkward relationship with Africa. I only know it through the prism of two countries, Egypt and South Africa. I do realise that the continent is so much more than those two, they served me simply as a gateway into the culture. Egypt has its own space on this website so I will focus on South Africa. For me, the first time in Africa.

The reason I finally made the decision to go was a friend from work. She was going with couple of friends visiting her family and I tagged along for part of their itinerary. So, we did the Kruger National Park, Durban and Cape Town. I will start with the sites as it’s easier to talk about them.

Kruger National Park

March 04, 2009

My first days in South Africa. First impressions. Although I was ill at the beginning, I knew it was a big adventure. All the animals in the wild! Would I be able to see the BIG FIVE??

Cape Town

March 08, 2009

Another day, another town. And another cultural shock. So many things felt surreal. Fantastic landscapes!

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