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Kampong Phluk - the Floating Village

Now with something called floating village I was expecting something similar to the Uros islands on Lake Titicaca in Bolivia, but it was something completely different. In the rain season the river takes on a lot of water from a nearby lake, it doubles its size. So the houses by the river are built on high stakes. The village used to be further out, but because pretty much everyone lived off fishing, they have decided to live on the river. We stepped off the boat for a while to do some “sightseeing”. I write it like that because it felt very unpleasant to me. It wasn’t a big city where nobody cares about you and the tourists are just faces in the crowds. Here you march into a place and disrupt its natural rhythm. I can only compare it to a zoo, where both sides are exotic exemplar. We watch them, as they try to go about their day. And they watch us with a dose of curiosity as we’re completely out of place.

Kampong Phluk

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