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De musica ligera - my intro to Argentina

The thing with Argentina for me was that I think I fell in love with it long time before my first visit.


In my childhood there was Maradona, then Tomek Wilmowski - a character from my favourite book series -  was riding horses through Gran Chaco. Later on a cover of "Buenos Aires" by Justyna Steczkowska of a hit from the 80s moved my imagination.


And once I met my costarican friends they introduced me to Mercedes Sosa and Soda Stereo. When the song starts and I hear "Ella durmió al calor de las masas" I get goosebumps (De música ligera, El último concierto).


On the other side of the spectrum "Gracias a la vida" by Mercedes Sosa has the same effect on me.


Then I saw Gustavo Cerati live in London. And I had to go. ​

Buenos Aires

March 08, 2011

What a city that is?! Full of history, culture, character and tango. Both very Latin and very European at the same time. I couldn't write enough about it, so I just wrote a bit. 

Iguazu - the town and the waterfalls

March 10, 2011

The town of Iguazu is rather small and the main reason to visit are the waterfalls. However the town has few own quirks that are worth mentioning. The waterfalls themselves are incredible and no picture will ever fully express their beauty.

Bariloche and the mountains

March 13, 2011

The area of Bariloche makes you feel like you're back in the Alps. Even the chocolate tastes suspiciously Swiss. 

El Calafate - Patagonia

March 19, 2011

Patagonia is vast. I have only seen a small part of it but can recommend to any self-respecting traveller. 

Argentinian Road Trip

March 14, 2011

Different ways you can travel in Argentina. And they are plenty of them. Be it a plane, a horse, a converted truck, a horse or just a rented car. 

Between Gran Chaco and the wine in Mendoza

March 23, 2011

Big landscapes, big spaces. And horses, and the gauchos. 

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