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A blonde in Egypt

Oh that was a bad one. I think it was a mixture of few things. 

First of all Ramadan. People were on edge, hungry, hot, so not the best premise for a blonde to walk around. However, I did cover myself from head to toe, including a big scarf over my head, didn't help.

Second of all I was there by myself for the first few days.  Right on the first morning I saw a gay wanking off in his car in broad daylight and not 5 minutes later another guy tried to rob me and so I had to run. 

I have been mistreated, bothered and felt the whole range from being very uncomfortable to the point of being scared. The only decent Egyptian person I met during those 2 weeks was our tour guide - great guy with a sense of humour and immense knowledge about his ancestors. So the only thing that has saved my trip to Egypt was joining a group. It allowed me to see what I wanted to see and it gave me some notion of safety.

I do have to say this trip has put me off visiting any Arab countries anytime soon. Apologies if that offends anybody. It is based on few unfortunate experiences I had. I wished they were different. 

However, the sites in Egypt cannot be compared to anything else. Starting with the Pyramids, through the Valley of the Kings and finishing at Abu Simbel. My dream came true and I'm glad I have done this trip. 

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