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Malmö’s Turning Torso

So, my first impression of the city was quite good. Old town and city center are beautiful, the new right next to the old fits in perfectly. I think the most impressive building is probably the Turning Torso. The site from afar makes an impression. And then you come close and start discovering the details. The building is quite new, it opened 2005. It was supposed to replace the Kockums Crane in Malmö’s skyline. I cannot imagine it without this amazing skyscraper. It is (as of today still) the tallest building in Sweden – 190 meters. It’s housing luxurious apartments and a conference center on the two top floors.

And let's not forget the Bridge - a marvel of a construction. Over 7km long connecting Copenhagen and Malmö, cars on the top, trains underneath. You can see the waves pushing as if they were trying to attack that foreign construction in their midst but they don't stand a chance.

On that first visit I was lucky with the weather, the sun was shining most of the day. People were nice and helpful, everybody spoke English. And let me tell you about the meatballs! Köttbullar are a typical Swedish dish and it is a good one at that. Recommend trying it for yourself when you have a chance - just maybe not necessarily at an IKEA nearby.

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